Weekly3D – 1930’s – Day 1

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So in addition to the Daily3D challenges, I will also be doing the Weekly3D challenges where possible. (Also found on reddit.com/r/Daily3D)

This week will be focusing on the 1930’s as a topic. I had a bit of an issue deciding where to go with this one so here is my planning process for this. I started wanting to model some buildings from the 1930’s in South Africa, but finding decent images and reference materials, so I went in search of a more general term, “Buildings completed in 1930’s”. I didn’t know that Wikipedia had filed buildings finished by year. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Buildings_and_structures_by_year_of_completion)

I started to dig through the archives and came across “The Dartmouth” in Indiana. USA. Something about the building came across as really cool, but couldn’t figure out what, there were also no images of the back of the building.

The Dartmouth in Indiana, USA (built in 1930)

I carried on the search and something hit me that I never knew. The Empire State building in the USA was completed in 1931. So I then decided to start working on that, mostly based on the fact that there will be plenty of images to go on.

Cityscape of The Empire State Building in Manhattan, New York (Tallest building in the world from 1931 to 1970)

Next up will be to assess how I am going to go about keeping it to scale and other important details after the weekend is over.


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