New project: Untitled Exploration

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Right, so starting a project as ‘Untitled’ isn’t very productive, however, it does allow me to focus on the more important parts, like modeling, building the story and sorting out what engine I will be using first.

The initial idea for the story is a mother looking for her son that has gone missing. She has to explore looking for clues to her son’s disappearance. Now, I am debating with myself if this should be a human character or if it should be an animal of some kind. This is where the research and brainstorming will be coming in handy.

As for the graphics, I will most likely be sticking with what I know best for now, which is low-poly models that are colourised and stylised in a certain way. Games with similar uses of the style are: Sky Rogue, Pirates of the Polygon Sea, Collose and Morphite.

As for the engine, I am having a little debate with myself over using Unity3D (which is one I am studying at the moment), Unreal or finding out what the craze behind Godot is. But that’s all stuff that needs to be looked into as I get other things done first.

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