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Today’s Daily3D Challenge was the following:

A graphic designer would make a Wacom tablet, a painter would make a pencil or a canvas, a software developer would make a keyboard, and so on. Trying to guess people’s careers from their renders would be super fun! – /r/Daily3D

Since I don’t exactly have a career, I thought I would still make it puzzling since I am studying (that is totally a career though).

I did think of making a father and daughter scene since I tend to help out as a stay at home dad, but this seemed a tad more appropriate.

So, let’s look at how this happened. First I set up the scene with some basic colouring as a reference and set the camera to Ortho (this is going to be an isometric scene this time).

Setting up the basic colours and shapes

Next up was to start working on some furniture, the doorway and handle, the window, a laptop and some papers and a bookshelf with some goodies. I also started to work on the materials in the scene to get them flat but stylized to my liking. (I LOVE THE CYCLES ENGINE!)

And finally, the last thing was to get my lighting to not suck so bad, and luckily a stumbled a setting and really don’t know what I did. Will need to experiment again and see if I can replicate it. Overall, I am pretty happy with the result, the only thing I really am not happy with would be the emptiness of the room. However, it’s an improvement of what I can do at the moment. Now onto the next project.

The final result

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Getting the lighting right certainly makes a big difference. Nice one