Candy Challenge Part 1

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I follow the subreddit /r/Daily3D for some of my daily challenges I will be giving myself (if I can’t come up with something to do, myself). I suggested the topic “Candy”, in hopes it would give me the kick in the butt I want/need to start this series. Unfortunately, I tried to record it and nearly lost my project file in the crash. Note to self: Don’t try to record the Node Editor while recording with only 4 gigs of RAM.

Anyway, I started this part with a chocolate in a foil wrapper. but I felt something was kind of missing.

So after starting with the chocolate material and crashing my recording, I added another piece of candy to the scene…

Starting to get somewhere with the lollipop

The final result definitely┬áhas plenty of room for improvement, which will be a norm for my projects for quite a while. But, I am certainly chuffed with the glossy ‘candy’ look of the lollipop.

Got any tips or improvements? Have you made something similar? Share it with me in the comments.

Also be sure to check out the Daily3D subreddit, they are an awesome bunch and will help guide you with what you submit (best constructive critics ever!).

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2 Comments on "Candy Challenge Part 1"

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Looks like a good start Dexter. I like the positive attitude. There is no success if there is no continual effort. Cracker


Hi Dex….looks complicated…really like the shiny bit.