5 Totally Free Multi-Player Games

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Looking for something to play with friends? Check out these few.


Windows, Mac, Linux – Massively Multiplayer – Zombie Survival

Survius – Third person in-game screenshot

Test your survival skills along with your friends in this Free-to-Play, open world zombie survival game. Scavenge abandoned farms, car accidents, and other locations on this 4x4km island for food, water, medication and shelter. Team up with other survivors or build a base and secure your perimeter.

Build your defenses with the modular building system

Survius is in active development with regular updates and a few servers (run on a donation system).

Check out the itch.io page


Skadonk Showdown

Windows – Local Multiplayer (up to 4 people) – Racing

Race against friends or the AI

If you live or have lived in South Africa, you will understand how bad the driving is typically of the “Mini Bus Taxi”, so why not become a driver of one and drive like they do against your friends or family. Similar to Mario Kart and other cartoony racers, pick up power ups and race to the finish, along with 3 game modes this is a definitive party game for everyone. (Controllers are needed, however.)

Skadonk Showdown split-screen

Check out Skadonk Showdown on Itch


Zombie Barricades

Windows – Massively Multiplayer / Co-op – Zombie Survival

Zombie Barricades – Top-down Zombie Survival

Upgrade your skills, fight off an increasing number of zombies (difficultly changes as more players join the server), customize your weapons and survive! Another free server-based zombie shooter with missions, vehicles, weapons, skins and maps all on its way in future updates. Play in co-op or as a lone wolf.

Check out Zombie Barricades on itch or on their website.


Super Smash Land

Windows – Local Multiplayer – Party Fighter


Another great party game with a pretty sweet throwback to a familiar era of struggling with plug-in lamps to provide for lack of back lighting or having to keep saving at every opportunity to avoid losing when your cheapo AA batteries run dry. Classified as a “demake” but more of a well-executed admiration to the Super Smash Brothers series. Grab some friends and enjoy some retro smashing.

Download on their website


Sim War 5

Windows – Local Two-Player – Strategy

Fight along with a friend against swarms of monsters in this small, low graphic game reminiscent of similar games from the 90’s. Brilliant if you just want to see who can kill more really quickly.

Download from their website


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